August 15, 2011

M Is For...

I am teaming up with some amazing teachers over at Learning With Mrs. Parker. Together we are sharing ideas and activities to teach the alphabet. 

The alphabet is one of my favourite things to teach in kindergarten. By focusing on the five senses I use a variety of activities to teach each letter. 

I am sharing some activities I use for the letter M. Monsters, monkeys, mice, muffins and more are some of the things you can focus on! Here is a little packet of some of the monster ideas I use with my kinders. 

Pop on over to Learning With Mrs. Parker and check out the other alphabet activities!

August 7, 2011

Busy Baskets

I like organization. I like routine. I like consistency. I needed something for my students to do during down times, "I'm done" times, transition times, etc. The kids needed something engaging and to keep their little hands busy. 

So, I made Busy Baskets for my students to make our days more productive and easy. These baskets contain a variety of items, such as: 

  • wikki stix
  • beads and string
  • pattern blocks
  • links
  • playdoh
  • small puzzles
  • small draw and erase magic board
  • alphabet beads and string
  • magnets
  • small marble run
  • lego
  • play foam
  • activity books
  • magnets letters and numbers
  • and many more Dollar Store finds
When I need a minute to take attendance, organize something, chat with parents or we are waiting for everyone to finish up before moving to the next thing, the kids get a Busy Basket. 

Once the kids choose a basket and sit down at their table, they are not allowed to get up again. They can trade their basket with someone at their table but they can't get up to get a different one. This eliminates the indecisive kids and the wanderers.  

I try to have at least 5 more baskets than students so everyone gets a choice. Busy Baskets are a life saver and have made my classroom run much smoother.